We welcome you to experience a new approach to receive and report your daily attendance. Aqui excels in the ability to gather attendance data efficiently and securely with the utmost safety. Our unique technology allows us to measure and identify daily participation and punctuality by the tenth of a second. The AquiCloud Generator creates reports with key performance indicators and analytical data for our users to get maximum optimization for their operations. Our overall assignment is to revolutionize attendance taking from traditional practices to next gen interactions that assist our clients for advantageous success.


Aqui [Ah-Kee - Spanish for "Here"] was formed by entrepreneurs who sought change, primarily in education. Established in 2016, a group of young men identified numerous problems in the modern day attendance taking approach. A significant amount of research and discovery lead us to see that the problem of Chronic Absenteeism was worse than expected. We found educators still recording class attendance by pen and paper. We found employers using time-punch clocks. It was most obvious that gaps in performance are a result of students and professionals lacking motivation, engagement, or any underlying value to be present. These problems fueled us to come up with a solution. The Aqui Cloud provides technology to make recording attendance easier than ever. We have also packaged services in order to boost morale, provide competitions between users and motivate intrinsically for better attendance data. We look forward to more unique applications and upgrades to our services and strategic relationships in order to empower the presence of students and consumers alike.


Members of Aqui and all affiliates have the common understanding that improving attendance measures while providing excellent customer service is our #1 priority. Check out how we plan to utilize The Cloud.

Transform Educational Settings - We want to use our services to help educators, administrators, students, and all walks of life achieve through the power of learning. Better attendance calls for better academic success. The Cloud will provide the data to reassure it.
Assist Employers with Daily Operational Needs - The Aqui Cloud can generate reports for all employer needs such as: HR, employee productivity reports, and customer acquisition. We will have you covered.
Innovation - Let the Aqui Cloud transform your traditional attendance measuring to a cutting-edge, secure method of reporting.