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The Power of Google allows us to fill your calendar and streamline communication with clients.
Let us make your life easier when managing daily errands.

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August 2021
Ramiro's Cantina
Project Type
Google Calendar & WP Forms automations
Louisville, KY

How automations save time and money

SMS & Email

Automate communication to stay in the loop.


quick Data Forms turn into calendar invites. Less time spent fielding calls.

Easy Payments

Stop taking credit cards over the phone & storing them. you're slow and liable.

It is worth a conversation to see how your daily business operations can be automatically managed. We use your current systems and leverage the power of Zapier for integrations that don't exist in your network.

Our Goals

  • Streamline approach to manage data
  • Improve Business Operations
  • Improve quality for event set-up and delivery
  • Easy reporting for scale


Operational processes for event planning and supply chain management adopted by kitchen and serving staff. Catering and Foodtruck events are easier managed.

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