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March 2021
Crave Cafe
Project Type
Clover Online App
Louisville, KY

Why choose AQUI to build my app?


We ask the right questions to manage expectations and then research for a tailored solution.

Outline a Scope

We can leverage software like the example above OR build a new framework for your custom desires.

Build and Report

Each step and milestone will be documented alongside the Scope. We do not outsource and we always respond swiftly.

Our biggest competition is your business inconveniences. Applications make sense for everything that a website can't do. We work with most of the POS systems and are familiar with various integrations. It is well worth a conversation to see how AQUI can help.

Our Goals

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Consistent Creative Layout
  • Solid POS Data Synching
  • Intuitive Navigation Design


A highly functional, off-the-shelf application (powered by Zaytech) that continues to do a high volume of daily sales for Crave Cafe.


Having Any Query! Book an appointment.

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